LifeResults Revitalized! 
How everyone can be involved

Now's the time to Revive, Thrive, and Impact!

LifeResults has affected many thousands of lives, helping people get out of their own way and live as their finest self.

Lately, our model hasn’t supported creating and delivering classes very well, so we are re-tooling for the 21st Century – creating the best ways for people to receive our proven tools that make such a difference in people’s lives, and in the world… 

What? What Do you mean?

Your Board, with the help of some other interested and talented grads, have created a strategic plan for LifeResults, which has three main aspects:

  • Hire an Executive Director - someone who wakes up every day thinking about what needs to be done, and how can LifeResults maximize its impact
  • Streamline and update our courses for today's world - retaining what makes them great, and adjusting what no longer serves
  • Create bite-sized chunks of our amazing tools, and make them available in ways people want to get them - online and in-person 

Wow, Sounds great - Tell me more! 

We have developed a three-year plan and budget where we initially fund salaries, marketing and promotion, and start-up classes. Over time, classes and grants will provide a self-sustaining operation. 

Your board is ready to do the work to hire and train our new Executive Director, and volunteers are already working on revising and creating the new classes. 

Our entire three-year plan requires that we fundraise $250,000 - not a small amount, however so many grads have benefited that we're confident we can get there. 

I want to help - how does that work?

We've already have some major donors committed, for a total of $100,000!

Now we need every grad to pitch in - EVERY amount helps!! 

And, we are happy to take your recurring monthly pledge over the next three years, so your money can multiply and move us quickly towards our goal.