Our Foundation Course. Ready to take your results and impact, your happiness and your relationships at home, work, or school to an entirely new level?

If so, then Basic is for you! Some people attend this course to take their life from good to great. Others attend to gain clarity or confidence to take their next step. Still others come because they are feeling out of balance, or they are facing a pressing life decision. Are you ready to lead, rather than follow? Learn More.

liferesults advanced/ipi

Prerequisite: LifeResults Basic

This five-day residential course takes the tools and concepts taught in Basic and expands on them in ways that people describe as “even more impactful than I expected.” Learn advanced tools that will bring you to a centered place in under a minute, discover and implement your life purpose, and take that opening that Basic created and widen and deepen it so you are coming from your authentic self all the time.

Are you ready to take your results and impact, your happiness and relationships - at home, at work, at school - to an entirely new level? If so, then the LifeResults Advanced / IPI seminar is for you! Learn More.

Leadership impact training

Prerequisite: LifeResults Basic (Advanced / IPI preferred) or similar work.

For those people who are ready to discover how they can make huge and lasting global impact, the LifeResults Leadership Impact Training is ready to take you there. This six-day indoor/outdoor residential program is held in the Adirondack mountains. Learn More.

Imagine Me

Prerequisite: None

Imagine Me! is an empowerment weekend designed for children ages 8-12 and their parents. There are coordinating sessions for both groups, focused on learning emotional regulation, gaining insight and perspective, and creating connections. Learn More.

Monthly Connections

Prerequisite: None

Free. One evening a month, LifeResults grads and their friends get together to share insights and perspectives, reinforce their use of LifeResults tools, explore a relevant topic about living an excellent and effective life, and have fun!

People who have not yet attended LifeResults Basic are invited to attend these gatherings, as a way of road-testing LifeResults and finding out more before committing to a seminar. Learn More.