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LifeResults Basic is a personal growth seminar where you’ll learn tools that enable you to take actions that lead to your desired results while avoiding old patterns that often get in the way. These tools give you the ability to handle the tough situations that determine the quality of your professional and personal relationships - which directly impacts the quality and results of your life.

Who Takes Basic and Why?

Some people take LifeResults Basic to become more effective and productive at work. Others take Basic to bring more joy, energy and vitality to their life, or to transform a relationship in which they are struggling.

I may be someone who is interested in continuing my personal growth, or maybe I'm a business person looking to increase my output and results, or maybe I am in a tough spot and know I need to take action to get where I want to be. If I'm ready for more self-worth and confidence, improved relationships with others and myself (especially reducing that negative internal self-talk), or perhaps less anger, more peace  these are all things I can get in Basic.

What exactly will I get?

There are only two ways things in life can change! Either everyone else changes what they are doing, or I can change. This is powerful learning... to get more of what I want, I must figure out what *I* need to do - instead of focusing on what I *want* others to do. 

The key to success in all areas of life is to create a powerful and effective relationship with yourself and every single person around you. Self-imposed fears, barriers and limits often hamper our performance and our ability to relate effectively with one another. The tools taught in LifeResults Basic enable you to move past those self-imposed fears, barriers and limitations, leading to a breakthrough in your effectiveness in all facets of your life.

Educational Approach

All topics are presented using three distinct learning processes. Initially, the facilitator presents a topic through lecture and class discussion. Each topic is then explored through experiential small-group and individual learning exercises – learning by doing! We will then cement our learning, discussing the exercise and sharing experiences in small and / or large group format. 

Schedule and Locations

LifeResults Basic is a 35-hour seminar that takes place Thursday evening, Friday evening, all day and evening Saturday, and Sunday until 6pm. Participants can attend work or school during normal hours on Thursday and Friday, which makes it easy for most people to fit the class into their schedule. The Basic seminar also includes a 3-hour ''Reality Check'' class, held 10 days after the weekend course (on a Wednesday evening) as well as several months of optional follow-on coaching that may include a combination of in-person, telephone, email and text-message support to assist you in fully applying the LifeResults tools you have learned.

Schedule (approximate end times)

  • Thursday: Arrive by 6pm for check-in; program runs 6:30pm - 11:30pm
  • Friday: 6:30pm - 11:30pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am to 11:30pm
  • Sunday: 9pm to 6pm
  • Wednesday, 10 days after your Basic weekend: Arrive by 6:30pm to 10pm 

LifeResults Basic is offered four (4) times a year in Rochester NY. It is also offered periodically in various other cities including Boston, Toronto, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and San Jose. See our schedule for dates.


LifeResults uses convenient local venues to hold its Rochester events. Be sure to verify your seminar or event location using the schedule. Specific maps and directions are available by clicking the appropriate link below:

Tuition, Payments and Financial Aid

LifeResults Basic Tuition is $495, which includes a $95 non-refundable, fully transferable registration fee. Students and Veterans may attend for $295. Parents of teens in a Basic may attend with their child for $400. Graduates of previous Basic classes can review the course as many times as they want for $125. Tuition includes lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday, as well as all course materials. Payment in full is required one week prior to the start of your seminar start date.

Should your financial situation require, LifeResults offers interest-free loans and need-based scholarships. For information on those options, contact us via phone at 585.739.4792 or email us to make special payment arrangements.

Many corporations and organizations offer their employees tuition assistance to attend LifeResults seminars as part of their professional/leadership development training. Let us know if you would like a letter addressed to your Human Resources Department or manager that summarizes how employers benefit from their employees attending LifeResults seminars.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

If, after completing the entire four days of the LifeResults Basic Seminar, you feel that you did not benefit, you may submit a written request for a refund. Your tuition will be immediately and cheerfully refunded (less the $95 non-refundable registration fee). The Seminar Director or other LifeResults Board Member must receive this written request within three (3) days of completion of the LifeResults Basic Seminar.

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