LifeResults Advanced/IPI

Prerequisite: LifeResults Basic

This five-day residential course takes the concepts introduced in Basic and expands on them in a way that most participants describe as “life-changing.” It includes a follow-up day and evening seminar one month after completing the program, and also includes several months of individual coaching and support.

Once you have completed the LifeResults Basic seminar, you may wish to go deeper and extend the application of LifeResults tools into every aspect of your life, and automatically and unconsciously use your LifeResults tools to maximize your life results. If so, the LifeResults Advanced/IPI (Interpersonal Intensive) Seminar is your next step. Many participants describe this seminar as transformative and life-changing.

In the LifeResults Advanced/IPI program, you will see yourself and your behaviors even more clearly than in Basic. You will cement all the tools you learned in Basic, and learn new tools designed to power your growth and effectiveness to new heights. You will gain new perspectives about your self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, so you can make different choices. The seminar provides an opportunity to look at your life deeply, dismantle your barriers to personal and professional effectiveness, and create the results you desire from life.

Breaking through your self-imposed limits and unresolved past issues never felt better. Courage replaces fear; confidence overtakes low self worth; your inner child plays alongside your responsible adult. You'll feel the value of maintaining balance, staying centered, moving forward from the past to meeting positive goals and commitments.

This five-day residential experience is full of challenge, insight, and reflection. Your IPI experience will deliver significant personal and professional development, personal fulfillment, and relationship improvements across your whole life. The changes you define and create in IPI are for life.


IPI is held in Rochester several times every year. The first portion of IPI is a five-day residential seminar that begins with registration at 9am on Tuesday and goes until approximately 5pm on Saturday. The next portion of the IPI seminar is called “6th Day,” a one-day program held on a Saturday one month later. An optional but highly-recommended overnight follows 6th Day. Remaining focused throughout the five days of the seminar is essential. Each participant is strongly encouraged to finalize any external commitments before the seminar begins.


LifeResults uses convenient local venues to hold its Rochester events. Be sure to verify your seminar or event location using the schedule. Specific maps and directions are available by clicking the appropriate link below:


LifeResults Advanced/IPI Tuition is $1,195, which includes a $200 non-refundable, fully transferable registration fee. Tuition includes your room, meals, all course materials and all aspects of the course including 6th Day. You can reserve a slot in these often-sold-out courses with just the $200 deposit fee. Payment in full is required one week prior to the start of the class.

Should your financial situation require, LifeResults offers interest-free loans and need-based scholarships. For information on those options, contact us via phone at 585.739.4792 or email us to make special payment arrangements.

Many corporations and organizations offer their employees tuition assistance to attend LifeResults seminars as part of their professional/leadership development training. Let us know if you would like a letter addressed to your Human Resources Department or manager that summarizes how employers benefit from their employees attending LifeResults seminars.