Leadership Impact Training (LIT)

Prerequisite: LifeResults Basic or similar personal growth work.

For those people who want to discover how they can make a huge and lasting global impact, the LifeResults Leadership Impact Training is ready to take you there. This six-day indoor/outdoor residential program is held in the Adirondack mountains.

How do you want the world to look as a result of your impact? Most people TRY to make a difference IN their lives. Leaders actually MAKE a difference WITH their lives.

During this six-day residential course held in the Adirondack Mountains, you will study habits and success factors of highly-impactful leaders. Indoor experiential and outdoor adventure exercises (including rock climbing, high and low ropes courses, and stress reduction techniques) are specifically designed to increase your leadership skills. You will be profoundly impacted.

Leadership Impact Training inspires, develops and supports people committed to living in a perpetual state of possibility. Develop your own vision, build relationships that move your vision into action, and ensure your vision leaves a mark on the world - all while sustaining the highest level of integrity. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements are blended into a profound and powerful week that you and your world will never forget. Join us for a week of challenge, fun, excitement and camaraderie that will change your life forever.


This class is especially designed for those who are looking to take the next step on their journey of self-development and leadership. People of all physical abilities are welcome. 

In order to participate in the LifeResults Leadership Impact Training seminar, you must be a LifeResults graduate or have done other intensive, inward-looking personal or professional growth and development work. If you are not a LifeResults graduate and you want to do Leadership Impact Training, please contact us to discuss your unique situation and determine if it is appropriate for you to attend Leadership Impact Training.


Leadership Impact Training is a six-day residential seminar that is held once a year, usually in late Summer or early Fall. It begins with registration at 1:00 pm on Sunday and ends at approximately 3:00 pm on Friday. See our schedule for dates. 

Leadership Impact Training is held at Beaver Camp located on Beaver Lake in Lowville, NY, nestled in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. 


LifeResults Leadership Impact Training tuition is $1,195, which includes a $300 non-refundable registration fee. Tuition includes room, meals, course materials, certified climbing instructors, all necessary equipment and all other aspects of the course. This annual event often sells out, so register early. Payment in full is required one week prior to the start of the class.

Should your financial situation require, LifeResults offers interest-free loans and need-based scholarships. For information on those options, contact us via phone at 585.739.4792 or email us to make special payment arrangements. 

Many corporations and organizations offer their employees tuition assistance to attend LifeResults seminars as part of their professional/leadership development training. Let us know if you would like a letter addressed to your Human Resources Department or manager that summarizes how employers benefit from their employees attending LifeResults seminars.


Steve Aman has been leading LifeResults events since 1993, as well as working with thousands of people in The Mankind Project and at Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm, which he founded in 2002. Steve's passion is facilitating people's professional and personal growth.

Chris Arthur has trained with Outward Bound, Stonehearth, and Wilderness Medical, and taught for Outdoor Wisconsin Leadership, Cayuga Nature Center, Keuka College Challenge, and Cornell Outdoor Education. He has staffed 20 LifeResults seminars, 25 Mankind Project courses, and 80 Cornell outdoor programs. Chris's passion is helping people realize their own potential.


For more information, and to get your questions answered, contact either Steve Aman at 315-945-5559 and m1bobcat@gmail.com, or Chris Arthur at 315-789-3230 and carthur@rochester.rr.com .