How You Can Help

Your support will help make the new vision for LifeResults a reality.

Our plan is in place, and with funding we will put it into action and fulfill our mission.

Please consider at which level you can donate to help put us on our new path now,
to expand our impact through classes, teaching tools, and local partnerships.


We already have $65,000 in commitments towards our $250K working goal.
100% of LifeResults Board Members made a donation pledge.

Suggested donation options below bring us to our goal as quickly as possible.
Donate over time or all at once! 
Any donation is greatly appreciated! 

Design your own one-time or over-time donation plan using the "Purpose" Option below. 


Basic Sponsor

  • Get involved and help pay it forward!

  • Give someone the chance to break free...

  • $14 is less than a movie for two; monthly = $500 over three years!!


Breakthrough sponsor

  • Spread the love further!

  • Help someone see their own greatness and live it...

  • $28 is less than $1 per day; monthly = $1000 over three years!!


Stretch sponsor

  • Live your life purpose!

  • Give your gift so others embrace healthy and happy new lives...

  • $69 is less than a trip to Wegmans; monthly = $2500 over three years!!


Mountaintop sponsor

  • Create maximum impact!

  • Generate an enormous ripple effect - lives changed, humanity elevated...

  • $139 is less than a daily coffee habit; monthly = $5000 over three years!!

PURPOSE Sponsor - create your own donation plan

  • Pay it forward in any way that feels right to you!

  • Reflect on the value you received - and the others who WILL benefit...

  • Donate once only, or choose your own amount, frequency, and duration.