LifeResults has been the experience of a lifetime for me - challenging, life-changing, eye-opening. This is something that everyone should experience! 
– Shadi Hajizadeh, Physician

Very useful for my Professional Development - I gained new knowledge and practices to significantly improve my ability to be effective while leading or participating on teams. 
– Peggy Stritch, Sr. Manager,Workplace R&D

One of the most memorable experiences of my life, and also one of the hardest, next to the Marine Corps. I would recommend LifeResults to anyone!! 
– Gerald Belliveau

So worth it. Entered with skepticism, left with courage, humility, and integrity. 
– Steve Jelfo, Student

The Seminar was very effective, transformational, life-affirming, and challenging. It helped me to rediscover my true self and true purpose in life.
– Ian Mevorach, Pastor 

LifeResults has changed the quality of my life - my relationships, myself, my confidence, my whole life. I’m more peaceful, relaxed, confident, and centered. 
– Taylor Camp, High School Student

I feel like I have found out who I am and become more comfortable with myself in this one weekend, which is pretty amazing. 
– Emilie Conway, Student

WOW! When I signed up I had no idea what I was getting into and didn’t know how it would benefit me. Now that I’ve been I’m hooked and want more! I wish I had done this years ago… 
– Tom Broderick, Manager, Eastman Kodak

The Seminar reached depths of me which I forgot even existed. I have learned skills which I will be able to directly improve my self esteem, business, and personal relationships. 
– Chuck Harter, Instrumentation Specialist

The course was much more than I expected because it has deep personal impact, and it will have dollars and cents impact on my business as well. 
– Matt Perez, CEO 

This weekend gave me insight and clarity around the walls and barriers I have developed over a lifetime that were getting in my way of happiness and peace. 
– Julie Shahin, Teacher

LifeResults should be taught to everyone. It changed my mindset and I am ready to achieve greatness!
– Alex Riley, Dietary Aide

After the class, I went home with a new outlook on life. The introverted and shy person came out of her shell. I have taken more risks and have achieved a lot. The future looks bright for me now. For anyone that is considering LifeResults, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!
- Kayla Talbert, Welder