Some people attend LifeResults to take their life from good to great, so they can have the life, results, balance, and happiness that everyone wants and deserves.

Others attend LifeResults to gain clarity and/or confidence to take their next step; to address something that's missing, making them feel incomplete or out of balance, or how to best evaluate a pressing life decision. Some people come for a positive shift in attitude; others want to be more active than passive; others want to lead rather than follow.

If you are a person who is struggling to get through one more day, LifeResults can show you how to have balance, creating a more peaceful and impactful life with yourself and your loved ones. You may discover – many have – that "growing a wishbone where a backbone should be" is not serving you... learn how to lose the stress or fear that is in your way, so you can live your life coming from power, confidence, and integrity.


If you are stuck in a job that doesn't excite you or leaves you feeling unfulfilled, LifeResults will help you unlock that puzzle so you can create a job that truly inspires you. Learn how to clearly define and execute your career goals, and then how to connect actions to those goals to create results. 

Perhaps your work relationships aren't where you need them to be as professionals, we always need to be on top of our game so if there's a boss or client, or even a teammate who causes you to react rather than respond, we have tools to help you shift and come from peace and power rather than reaction.

And if your job is pretty great, and you'd like to produce even more powerful results, the tools we teach in LifeResults can get you there quickly. Everyone is talking about Mindfulness in business - learn how to make that happen for you!

Teens & Families

Are you a teen worried about your future, feeling left out by your friends, or frustrated with your parents? It has never been harder to be a teenager so many pressures, challenges, pushed to grow up fast and yet also not really allowed to be independent and make your own choices. It's hard to grow up without being allowed to take responsibility.

We can help you learn how to better communicate and take more control of your life, so you can focus on creating the life you want. Move the focus away from what you don't want, so you can see and plan your future with confidence. Ready for better communication with friends and family? Check out what students have to say about LifeResults making a difference!

One of the toughest jobs in the world is being a parent. And if you are struggling with how to break the cycle of anger and resentment as you interact with your soon-to-be adults, LifeResults will teach you practical tools to use to make those difficult conversations more peaceful and productive, no matter the age of people who live in your household. 

See what other parents have said about the value LifeResults has brought them and their families!