Our Impact

Like a stone dropped in water, the impact of a LifeResults seminar causes ripples that spread throughout people's lives their families, their jobs, their communities, and the world. We have seen people arrive on the first day in many states: excited, carrying apprehension or anxiety, perhaps even feeling apathetic.

And, we have seen those very same people only four days later in a completely different place, aware of their gifts and ready to give them, who go on to have enormous impacts on the world. People create new opportunities they had never dreamed possible. They restore relationships that they thought had been damaged beyond repair. They tap into a well-spring of peace and confidence which enables them to overcome incredible challenges. Not only do graduates achieve incredible transformations within their own lives, but they go on to inspire and influence others to do the same.

To attend a LifeResults seminar is to confront the knowledge that you are not yet your best self, but that you’re not about to give up on that dream!