What Makes LifeResults Different?

Going Beneath the Surface

Within the first 20 minutes, you’ll know that this is not just another training class. At LifeResults, we focus on the things that really matter. We look directly at our fears, passions, regrets, and desires. We don’t politely talk around hard stuff. Instead, we challenge ourselves to look deeper and get to the heart of the matter.

Avoiding hard questions can lead to unfulfilled lives of resentment and disappointment. We will embrace deep water together, relate to one another in surprising ways, and through experiential activities tackle the tough stuff with grace and ease.


LifeResults classes teach you the benefits of living more mindfully. We teach practical tools so that you can be more fully present in your own skin and in your relationships.

There’s no longer any doubt… experts have proven again and again that mindfulness training has dramatic impacts on our physical health, mental clarity, energy levels, personal satisfaction, and relationships. At LifeResults, you’ll learn to apply these principles using simple, practical tools that anyone can use. 

No Pressure 

LifeResults is not therapy, and is not religious in any way. It is not a group you have to join or stay involved with over time. You will receive immediate and significant benefit from the first seminar you attend. The choice of obtaining further value from follow-on programs is completely up to you. Many people choose to take additional seminars, and many do not. As a secular, registered 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, our focus is on making our seminars as effective as possible, not on selling tickets. 

Post Course Support

Every LifeResults class is designed with a full range of post-course resources to ensure that you are able to retain what you have learned and put it into practice in your life. These resources are entirely optional and voluntary, and most people find them invaluable in helping “cement” the lessons of the seminar and get the maximum value from their work.