Bringing Our Gifts

This post from Barb Klein was originally posted at Inspired Possibilities.

We cannot bring our gifts to anyone unless we first give ourselves what we need. Read on...

You are NOT the Energizer Bunny®!

Dear One, 
I have news for you… and, this might come as a shock, but you are NOT the Energizer Bunny®!  No, you are not a mass of fuzziness wearing cool shades, banging aimlessly on a drum while spinning and whirling recklessly around the house.  


Sure, you may feel that way from time to time, but it’s not the truth.  And, this whole idea of “Keep going” is doing you no good!

There is no battery in you that can go and go and go for thousands of hours without stop. You are not a mechanical being – you are a tender human BEing who needs rest and nourishment, fun, laughter, and play. 

I thought this might be a good time to remind you as the hustle and bustle of the holidays piles on top of the media assault on our senses.  In the midst of all this bombardment is a sweet (and, yes, very strong, but not invincible) YOU!  

You – the one who is so good at giving to others, doing for others, taking on the world… you are the one they seek now with endless requests and demands for your precious time, energy, and resources.  Please give more.  Please give to me.  Please take care of me and my needs.  Please speak up for this cause.  Please donate over here.  Please, please, please… You hear it ringing in your ears, even when you sleep!  

And, so you give.  And you give as if there is a bottomless reservoir from which to pour. You forget to step back and take even just a little time to replenish your beautiful self.  The spark will burn out – maybe it already has, and you’re feeling strung out, burned out, and just a wee bit overwhelmed.  Maybe you’re just plain tired.  

“But, but, but… “ you protest because you have so many goals to achieve before the year is done; so many gifts to buy; so many causes to support; so many cookies to bake; so many cards to write; so many parties to attend… You know the drill!  

Can you just give yourself a break from all the DOing and sink into your BEing-ness? Can you slow down for just a minute, take a breath, and check in to see what would really nourish you?  Cause, guess what?  It’s not cheese puffs, beer, and pumpkin pie that are going to sustain you!! I’ve tried that, and it is not cutting it!!  

What can you do to give to yourself in this busy time?  Do you even hear your own voice calling to you amidst all the noise?  What would truly nurture your body, mind, heart, and soul right now?  Today?  It can be very simple, but first you have to stop.  Stop everything else.  Quiet the outside racket, and listen to your body.  Listen to your heart.  Close your eyes.  Put your hand on your heart or your belly.  Breathe.  And, ask your heart, body, and spirit...  
~ What do they need from you in this moment?  Today?  

-- Barb Klein,