Celebrating by Connecting

“To celebrate” is to do something special or enjoyable for an important event, occasion, or holiday.

Many of us have had a month or more of doing just that: parties, concerts, homecomings, special meals, decorations, and gift giving. And hopefully most of it was enjoyable, even amidst the inevitable stress of more baking, more cooking, more shopping, and more of everything.

I love to hear about how other people celebrate, so I posed a question on Facebook asking my friends “How do YOU celebrate?”

Here are some of their responses:

  • “At this time of year, we strive to connect with each other, opening our hearts to extended family.”  (MT)
  • “Friends, family, fun, and food!” (BK)
  • “We enjoy our family being together, playing games and cooking and hanging out, doing the little things together.” (DV)
  • “Family time, cooking, baking, music, games, and fun Christmas shows that bring the family together.” (JB)
  • “We make a gingerbread house.” (SJ)

What comes up over and over is this: celebrating often means being with others and connecting with others, and this also typically means sharing food and sharing activities (“doing the little things together” or “making a gingerbread house”).

Although we may sometimes choose to celebrate in private, celebrating by connecting to others through shared meals and activities is a common and heartfelt experience for many of us.

And, what if we don’t even need to wait for a big holiday to celebrate and connect with others?

Here’s what DV says about celebrating in general: “First of all, I do my best to notice there is something to be celebrated… then I “rub it in” (notice for real, and reinforce the real-ness by physically rubbing in the good comment or thing to celebrate to my heart) … then I share about whatever I am celebrating with friends, perhaps through a call or some hangout time or on Facebook.”

I love how this incorporates the essence of celebrations: sharing and connecting with others, even when you’re celebrating the “little” things in life, such as a good performance review at your job, or doing well on an exam at school.

Celebrating and connecting with others: what a wonderful way to live! Let’s all do more of that in 2017!

--Ann Pillman