Creating Breathing Space

Creating Breathing Space by Julie Buick

How often do we forget to breathe?

What? You're scratching your head, wondering what the heck I'm talking about... of course we remember to breathe or we wouldn't be here now having this exchange.

When I say breathe I mean really b r e a t h e

So often we are caught up in the day to day, rushing from one obligation to another. We breathe – and yet our breaths are not deliberate, they are for survival. Our breath is for life support and often the breaths we take are just enough to keep oxygen flowing through our bodies. Shallow and void of awareness. 

Breathing is a grounding tool that we often look right past. Did you know we can reduce stress or a state of elevation at a 10 to a 1 just by taking 3 deep deliberate breaths? It's really that easy - 3 deep intention cleansing breaths. Try it, right now! I’ll wait for you, and we have the time…

A breath! A breath of life in your lungs as you entered the world into the arms of your loving mother. A breath that screamed to all who could hear. I'm Alive and I'm here to stay! A breath of grounding, of gratitude and of life.

As joy-filled dirty-faced children we ran around the yard taking gallons of air into our lungs and little bodies. Feeling free and energetic. Our bodies were grateful and the payoff was reduction of stress, boastful laughter and a craving for more outdoor fun. Remember those days and how you felt? Maybe you can even see a picture of you in this state – and guess what, you can have that feeling again!

Creating breathing space is a choice. A pause in your day. A way to create balance, reflection, a shift even – while cleansing your body and filling your strong beautiful lungs with fresh life supporting air. Mmmmmm doesn't that sound lovely?

Let's work this tool and breathe together. 

Focus on where you are in this moment. Feel your presence in the room, and notice where your body is. Focus your attention on your breath. The up and down movement of your chest. As you breathe, your whole body moves. Who knew?

With intention, breathe deeply, through your nose if that works, towards the back of your throat – filling your lungs and expanding your chest holding for 1... 2... seconds and slowly release... relax... and let go... Ahhhh! 

Again take another deliberate breath filled with awareness and intention. Feel it enter your nose and back of throat. Feel your lungs and chest expand with gratitude of this breath of life and grounding. Hold 1 Hold 2 and let go releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you. Feel yourself sink down grounding in your presence. Again take a deep breath filled with gratitude that you are creating breathing space in your day. Hold.... and release.

You're Welcome! 

It's really that easy to find a place of grounding when you are feeling your energy waver or your temperature rise under pressure. It's the easiest and most obvious tool we have in our tool box and yet we overlook when we need it the most. I encourage you to look for opportunities where you can create space and breath. Your 4 year old self will thank you!

On average, we take 16 breaths every minute. About 960 breaths an hour, 23,040 breaths a day and 8,409,600 a year. The person who lives to 80 will take about 672 MILLION breaths in a lifetime. What's 3 deep intentional breaths here and there in relation to? Might just be the difference.

Happy Breathing!