Walking in Balance


Walking In Balance by Julie Buick


A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

Balance is an area I thoughtfully and with intention work on daily. The world around us moves at a fast pace with only so many seconds, minutes and hours in a day (525,600 minutes, to quote a song :)).

 We often feel the pull from all angles to be everything to everyone – I know I do! With this pull it's easy to forget about what we need to be our best selves.

 At times we find that we can easily ebb and flow with the tide that moves us forward towards our goals. Other times we find ourselves losing steam, out of breath as we are buffeted by the constant force of the waves knocking us off balance.

Balance is a choice! A choice to choose ourselves as a way to be well-rounded and filled up. A mixture of equal parts that honor our needed balance elements.

If I'm running on empty and not getting my daily amount of water and nutrition, chances are I'm going to be tired and foggy. If I'm not creating time to connect with those I love, then I'm most likely going to feel an emotional void and a heart disconnect. When I'm unbalanced I'm not my best self and I'm often making the choice that others, my work or my life circumstances are more important than taking care of ME. The airlines have it right: Put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

Walking in balance is taking deliberate action to fill our needs in four specific areas. Mental - intellect, work... Emotional - connection with others, giving and receiving love...Physical - health, nutrition, exercise... and Spiritual - giving my gifts through acts of service, volunteering...

To be successful AND walk in balance we must be willing to be honest with ourselves and take a hard look at what areas we have in abundance and where we are lacking.

In the areas we are abundant, acknowledge success then take inventory. Am I too abundant in one specific area and if so do I need to reduce some of the pull to allow space in one of the other areas?

In areas we are experiencing a lack, we can choose to take steps to create more abundance. Doing so can create magic!

Walking in balance is a constant state of awareness that all four areas are being nurtured and cared for. Be gentle with yourself as you work the balance muscle and remember to acknowledge and celebrate your successes as you walk in balance.