The Voices in Our Head

We all have voices in our head. For many of us, there is a dominant voice, often called the Ego, the Inner Critic, or the Judge. This voice tells us that we are not enough: not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, good-looking enough, funny enough, creative enough, young enough… you name it. The messages are always self-destructive. This is the voice that’s hard on you, and tells you that you’d better keep doing more and more, even though you're exhausted!

There is another voice we can hear in our heads, if we listen. This is the voice of Essence, Spirit, God, or Source: our Higher Self's voice. This voice encourages you, loves you unconditionally, supports you, and empowers you!

By the time we reach adolescence, most of us are used to hearing the voice of Ego more than the voice of Essence. The voice of Ego becomes loud, and the voice of Essence is overpowered.  We often try to quiet the voice of the Ego with the three Ds: drinking, drugs, or distraction. Unfortunately, these are only a temporary fix, and will eventually lead to more problems.

The solution is to create a relationship with your Essence.  This means making a conscious decision to take time daily to get quiet and listen to that small still voice of Essence.  In short: Meditate, not Medicate.

Here’s a meditation that only takes a few moments. Why don’t you try it out?

Take a few cleansing slow breaths and imagine that with each breath, you are sinking deeper within your body.  Imagine a place deep within you that is your sacred space.  It is your home where you are always understood and always loved.  There is no judgment for you here.  You are totally free to be you and be honored, loved, and accepted for who you are in this exact moment.

Begin to imagine the scenery around you in this sacred space.  Maybe you are outside in nature or within an indoor setting.  See any images.  Allow yourself to feel totally nurtured and cared for here because there is nothing that you have to do here.  

Just be you.  Now ask  "What does my Inner Wisdom/God/Spirit want me to know?"  And listen.

-- Bani Aello